School & Colleges

1) International Internship

EIFEmatches talented students and graduates with international work experience placements in elite cities of Europe. We help ambitious individuals stand out in an increasingly crowded job market. EIFE will provide you with an incredible opportunity to see the world through new eyes, immersed in a completely new environment and culture.

This rare experience that you invest in will not just serve to earn you credit and enrich your résumé - it will give you international exposure and confidence and elevate your career aspirations to a new level. Our expertise, extensive networks, and dedication to offering interns a rewarding, personalized internship experience have resulted in extremely valuable International Intern experiences.Our programs offer unbeatable work experience, incredible adventure, and a summer to remember! And our only goal is to inspire accomplished scholars to succeed.

2) Expedition Education - International Study Tour

In today’s world, the practical exposer is equally important for the growth of the student and Expedition Education is a way to explore the world and learn new things by themselves. Expedition Education combines travel and authentic educational experiences by exploring, learning, doing, connecting with different people.

We connect kids to the wider world and excite their passion for learning. It provides opportunities for students to study or gain experience outside of India by visiting different Industries, Companies, Universities, Schools and places.

Nowadays, Expedition Education - International Study Tourbecomeanintegral part of our education system.We understand that theoretical knowledge is not enough for a successful professional career. With an aim to go beyond academics, Expedition Education provides students with a practical perspective of the workplaceincluding the chance to learn another language and to experience life within a different culture.The objective of a visit is to provide students with an insight regarding the internal working of companies in different countries with different cultures.

It provides students with an opportunity to learn practically through interaction, working methods and employment practices. It gives them exposure to current work practices as opposed to possibly theoretical knowledge being taught at the school/college.And International Industrial visits not only provide an opportunity to interact with industries and know more about the industrial environment but also provide international exposure to countries emerging as economic powerhouses, their working culture and societies.Expedition Education -International Study Touris the culmination of their beliefs that…

  • Learning requires movement and active participation
  • The road to knowledge and wisdom begins with a powerful sense of wonder
  • The most important thing we can give our children is a hunger for discovery

The main objective of the Expedition Education - International Study Tour is to provide a unique experience to the students and exchange and share good practices which could be replicated to improve the efficiency, production and competency in their respective field of study.

3) Pedagogy & Teacher Training

Pedagogy is the way that content is delivered, including the use of various methodologies that help different children to engage with educational content and learn more effectively, recognizing that individuals learn in different ways. Training in pedagogy can be provided to teachers through pre-service training at teacher training colleges, as well as through in-service training and other continuing professional development.

India is facing dual challenges in both at the primary and secondary level, one hand we are facing the issue of lacking teachers in the school & colleges and on another hand there are 11 Lakh untrained teachers in the workforce. So it is not just recruitment which needs to be on the priority list but also a proper set up for teacher training is the top priority of Union and the State governments. Hence EIFE comes up with the Pedagogy & Teacher Training in India toofor teacher training in the coming years so as to avoid any future crisis of untrained teachers

4) Short term practical training programme– for kids

Unfortunately, our education system is not helping to develop the persona of a child. Remember, it is a personality that is more important than academic qualification. Our system demands good numbers from a child in an exam not to show his personality. Hence a child is not well exposed to the outer world and he or she might not be able to develop a personality. Our children are not able to do a critical analysis of anything, for example, our history, culture and religion. They take the line of establishment or the views of the predominant majority.

They are simply not able to look things from their own perspective. If you want a society should become a lot better than we must develop a culture of looking at things critically. We are simply failing at this because of our education system. Children must learn to criticize our own culture and other established narratives not to Memorize all the thing to get the good marks.

To develop the persona in student and make them capable to think critically and make them sufficient to face the challenges in life. And for that EIFE come up with the very basic practical training program, the objective of these practical training provides the knowledge to understand the challenges in life, developing the think critically and develop the problem-solving skills.

  • First Aid Course
  • Fire Extinguisher Training
  • Child Abuse Prevention
  • Clean India/ Swatch Bharat
  • Waste management in-house
  • Training on menstrual health for girls
  • Environment Protection and conservation
  • Basic Food Hygiene
  • Training on Problem Solving – Projects
  • Fear Challenges