NGO/Social Entrepreneur

1) Project Consulting

EIFE being a service support voluntary companies/NGOs, plays a vital role in providing Project Management Services in India. We provide a support system to voluntary companies in the field of project design, development, monitoring, evaluation, and impact assessment. A full-fledged cell with Multidisciplinary expert personnel caters to the needs of the sector.

Our mission is to assist voluntary companies/NGOs to concentrate more on the execution of programs rather than chasing after funds. And it provides technical support for enhancing capabilities in terms of keeping correct paperwork, accreditation, info technology, accountancy, keeping track of assessment and task planning and application.

Our group is also committed to the dissemination of details and promotion of lasting development efforts, in feedback to the requirements of marginalized and underrepresented sectors of society. For bridging the information space and enhancing info accessibility they are committed to developing and establish an optimal medium for the involvement and exchange of a trusted and exact source of quality info. Non-Government organizations play a crucial duty in the instructional development in the state. NGOs not just help in spreading the importance of education however also various other social awareness.

2) Fundraising

EIFE is founded to support the not-for-profit organisations and having extensive track record & experience working in the nonprofit sector. From raising scholarships for the local community to organizing major donor campaigns for world-class fine arts organizations, EIFE helps others make a difference through our innovative fundraising strategies and techniques. Our mission is simple to help you raise more money for your charity through our best-in-market services.

Our guiding principle is to help nonprofits and innovators formulate campaigns that are simple, impactful, and - perhaps most importantly - fun. With so many brilliant minds chasing their dreams and enacting their vision for a better world, it's paramount that we generate a platform to broaden the reach of our fundraising skills, enabling fresh ideas to take root and taking our partners' work to the next level.

In order for us to make our vision a reality, we need your help. With enough support, we can implement our accessible platform for the benefit of millions of nonprofits around the country. We're ready for this step. We're ready to help even more people make a bigger difference.

3) Marketing & Promotion

Marketing is a very important function in business practices. It entails making the customer aware of the proposition of a product or service, making them buy the product/ service, and ultimately building a brand. And NGOs are also working in a ‘market’, they are exposed to the various market-related factors and externalities. They need mechanisms to sustain themselves and it is important to learn the fundamental business principles too, in order to understand their applicability in the non-profit context.

Non-profits need to reach out to donors to raise funds for their cause, build linkages and networks to sustain their functions and grow.Promotional campaigns aim to increase buzz over a brand by spreading the word about great deals or offers on that brand. And EIFE will take this responsibility to promote Non-profits organization and push their brand forward to defeat competitors.

Our focus is to always deliver the right strategy that places you in the direction of success. With our past experience, we can provide you with simple measurable solutions. We can be a one-stop marketing partner for all your strategic marketing and communication needs of NGOs.

We help you in creating a detailed marketing plan, determine the marketing message, and identify the appropriate marketing mix to get the message out. We will then follow the plan through, and work to execute and implement the marketing strategy. We will monitor results, tweak as necessary and ensure that the companies get the best results from their marketing efforts.